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Refinancing vs Trading in Your Car

If you are upside down in your car loan, then you will probably have to talk to your finance company at some point. They may want to offer you different terms to help you with the vehicle, or you may have to pay the balance first before they will even think about refinancing. It's often not a good deal because you may end up owing more than you want to on your vehicle.

In that case, it's better to look at trading in your vehicle. In this scenario, you get a vehicle that is lower cost and the…

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Cars can be costly

Just because you like a car does not mean you should get it; instead get a car you can afford and maintain without straining your budget. Many people, when getting cars, are more fixated on the price tags, forgetting to calculate how much the car will take out of their pockets every month. We came up with a list of expenses you should bear in mind when getting a car.

  • Maintenance and repairs cost. You should be aware that you need to schedule regular maintenance checkups that are guaranteed to cost you. 
  • Fuel. Get a car that has decent gas…
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