How to Clean Your Car Quickly

Have you looked at your car lately? You may have been avoiding it because there's such a mess in there. It's time to take 10 minutes and clean that puppy today! There are a few tips to cleaning your car quickly that may help in this situation.

Cleaning the exterior and interior of your car manually is the most difficult part, but you can make it go faster with the right tools, such as a large sponge, vehicle cleaner, leather cleaner, and microfiber cloths. 

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Get Car Details From a Vehicle History Report

At The Car Store, we know that a knowledgeable buyer is in the best position to make a great choice when selecting a used car. There are many great used vehicles available, but you can find more assurance and important information when you have more information about a car's history.

A vehicle history report can answer your questions based on a search of the vehicle's VIN, a unique number that identifies the car. You can find out about the car's ownership history, whether it has been in any accidents and what kind of insurance claims have been…

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The Benefits of a Backup Camera

Backing up represents one of the more dangerous maneuvers you have to make when driving a car. A backup camera is designed to lessen the risk associated with operating a vehicle in reverse.

A backup camera is mounted on the rear end of a vehicle to provide a wide angle view of what is behind a car. The camera transmits video to a monitor typically mounted on the dashboard. With a backup camera, also known as a reversing camera, a driver is placed in a position to better avoid colliding with anything when backing up. 

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What is an Infotainment System?

The latest vehicles now come with a plethora of technology and options through in-vehicle infotainment systems. These systems combine software that drivers and passengers can access through their smartphones, as well as through a center console. Some have touch screens, as well.

Most infotainment systems have components for audio visual controls, keypads, touch screens, and hands-free phone connections. You can control apps through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. 

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Why Should You Consider Waxing Your Vehicle?

While driving around town, you might notice a few cars that appear shinier than others. They probably have car wax on them. Car wax is often applied after washing your vehicle. Most products are made with beeswax as well as natural oils.

The wax does more than just create a shine on the exterior of your vehicle. It also aids in protecting the paint from chipping and from fading. It is a barrier between the debris that can harm your vehicle's exterior and the paint. 

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How Does Brake Fluid Work?

A car's brakes seem to work like magic. A small press on a pedal slows down more than a ton of moving metal. Of course, brakes don't work by way of magic. Various parts and components contribute to their function. Understanding the role brake fluid plays in that function is important. You want to be sure brake fluid levels remains at the proper amount.

Brake fluid runs through the all-important brake lines. The fluid survives high temperatures in order to support the overall braking system. Pressing on the brake pedal sends brake fluid through the lines to create…

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Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your tires may sound like an easy job, and it is. But only if you have the right products on hand and you know what you are doing. Before you get started, head to the store and get a cleaning product designed for your specific tire brand. You will also need a stiff bristled brush, but nothing made of metal or anything too harsh that could scratch the tire. You will also need towels or microfiber cloths that will be dedicated to drying your tires only. Using these towels on your vehicle could result in the paint getting scratched…

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How to Make the Right Type of Roadside Emergency Kit

Here are some of the essentials to pack inside your car's roadside emergency kit. Be sure you have a bag with a nice variety of tools so that you can make many small repairs easily. Rod flares or triangles are important for letting other drivers know you're disabled. Blankets will keep passengers warm if you are disabled somewhere for a while in cooler weather.

Keep a few quarts of oil and a gallon of antifreeze in the kit so that if the fluids get low in your engine, you can top them off and minimize the time you…

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Understand the Different Types of Car Warranties

It is always good to be an informed consumer, and when it comes to buying a new vehicle, whether it is 'new' new or a pre-owned car, being knowledgeable is doubly important. One of the more important things related to buying the car that you may not have considered is the type of warranty your vehicle comes with. There are two main types of warranties that you will typically see offered on a car, a power-train warranty, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

A power-train warranty, while generally cheaper and longer lasting, only covers the main components involved in your cars propulsion…

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Can You Improve Your Towing Safety?

Hitching a trailer to your vehicle in order to tow something must be done with a careful eye on safety. Oversights and mistakes could create a truly dangerous condition on the road. So, follow towing safety strategies to avoid a mishap.

Some points are just common sense. Be sure the trailer has all its parts in place and everything is in good condition. Know the towing capacity weight of your vehicle. The trailer hitch should be the right one for your vehicle as well. And perform a safety inspection before pulling away. 

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