How to Clean Your Car Quickly

Have you looked at your car lately? You may have been avoiding it because there's such a mess in there. It's time to take 10 minutes and clean that puppy today! There are a few tips to cleaning your car quickly that may help in this situation.

Cleaning the exterior and interior of your car manually is the most difficult part, but you can make it go faster with the right tools, such as a large sponge, vehicle cleaner, leather cleaner, and microfiber cloths.

For one, you should take out all of the trash and debris. You can look under the seats, get in the cracks and corners, removing all of the straw paper, leaves, and other junk as much as you can. With a squigee brush, you can go over your windshield with a Windex cleaner to ensure that it shines and looks sparkling.

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