Bed liners are often the first thing that owners buy for their new truck. They can make the bed more functional and offer flexibility to how your bed is used. There are a few different options to choose from. We want you to be an informed owner and know everything about your truck. Here's some basic information about your options.

Drop-in liners are the most popular. Typically, they're offered by manufacturers as a standard feature. They're made from plastic that's molded to fit the contours of the bed. If you want something more robust, spray-on liners are available. They're a permanent fixture that can hold up well to a lot of wear and tear. Finally, there are bed rugs and mats. These two liners can be taken out of the bed when not in use. You can get a liner made of rubber or soft carpet.

Which liner will you choose? We invite you to stop by our dealership to learn more and browse our used trucks for sale.



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