Keep Out of Trouble During a Roadside Emergency

Trying to keep a cool head during a roadside emergency can make all the difference in you getting home safe that night. Keep these tips in mind so you are better prepared in the event something happens on the highway.

When your vehicle becomes disabled at night, it is important to make it visible to other drivers. Turn on the headlights, emergency lights, and wave around a flashlight if needed.

Never leave your car in a lane of traffic. If you get a flat, it is fine to ride on the tire rim for a few feet until your car is safely off the highway. Place a road flare quite a distance from your car so other drivers will have the chance to see it and then slow down in plenty of time.

At The Car Store, we hope these roadside safety tips make a positive difference in your traveling experiences. Don't forget to keep up with routine auto service and repairs on your vehicle!

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