Has Your Car Been Running Too Hot? Have A Look at Your Radiator

Overheating: it can happen unexpectedly, and is one of the major headaches of having a motor vehicle. It can cause extensive damage a car’s engine and end with major repair work needed to reverse the problem. Maintaining a cool engine is crucial to vehicle performance and safety.

To do this, regular checks of its radiator should commence once or twice every month. Antifreeze is a chemical solution that is used to elevate the engine’s temperature. Some brands must be diluted with water while others can be directly filled into the radiator’s cap. If a water-soluble coolant is administered, care should be taken to always use half of each to keep the water from boiling. Adding too much water can also lead to overheating if done incorrectly.

The engine is the heart of your automobile. Be sure to check its radiator fluid level as soon as it indicates that it has reached a high temperature. If you are unable to accomplish this, let our staff at The Car Store take care of your engine’s needs for you. We are here to provide the best service in Twin Falls, ID for all problems under the hood of your vehicle!

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