AWD, 4WD Vehicles, and Transfer Cases

Every all-wheel-drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles have a component known as a transfer case. The case contains gears that transfer power between the axles depending on which wheel has the most traction. Fluid within the case keeps the gears running smoothly along with maintaining the internal temperature and inhibiting the gears from being contaminated with debris. At some point during a vehicle's lifespan, the fluid may become contaminated and break down. A damaged seal might also cause leakage.

If you notice that your AWD or 4-wheel drive vehicles down not change gears easily, you hear a grinding noise or feel an unusual vibration; the transfer fluid may need replacing. Bring your vehicle to the The Car Store garage and relay the symptoms to one of our qualified technicians. We will then inspect the transfer case and determine the condition of the fluid.

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