What is an Infotainment System?

The latest vehicles now come with a plethora of technology and options through in-vehicle infotainment systems. These systems combine software that drivers and passengers can access through their smartphones, as well as through a center console. Some have touch screens, as well.

Most infotainment systems have components for audio visual controls, keypads, touch screens, and hands-free phone connections. You can control apps through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. Many infotainment systems also allow you to access security features and cameras, such as rearview cameras and sideview cameras. It allows you to see parking assist guides, blind spot monitoring, and other security features to keep the driver safe.

Drivers value infotainment systems for their ability to hook up to smartphones and connect to music streaming apps, navigation, and other tracking apps, especially for traffic. You can also access satellite radio and vehicle settings. You can check out the latest infotainment systems at The Car Store.



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