Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your tires may sound like an easy job, and it is. But only if you have the right products on hand and you know what you are doing. Before you get started, head to the store and get a cleaning product designed for your specific tire brand. You will also need a stiff bristled brush, but nothing made of metal or anything too harsh that could scratch the tire. You will also need towels or microfiber cloths that will be dedicated to drying your tires only. Using these towels on your vehicle could result in the paint getting scratched.

The first thing you will do is soap up your tires. If you have caked on dirt, use the scrub brush to gently clean these areas. After everything is clean, dry the tires completely. You can then use an additional product to bring the dark black color of your tires back to life.

If you have questions about spring cleaning your tires or the rest of your car, stop by our Twin Falls service shop.

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