Pay Attention to Your Windshield Wipers

One of the underestimated safety features on your vehicle is the windshield wipers. While they are a small part on your vehicle, they contribute much to safety. They help you see through heavy rains and wipe fog away to clear your view while driving.

You should replace your windshield wipers before they get so bad that you can't see. Windshield wipers deteriorate of time due to heat, cold, sun and rain. Some symptoms your windshield wipers need replacing are blurry spots or streaks left on the windshield, if they are skipping or if the rubber is becoming frayed or coming off the wiper. Inspect them regularly to see if they need replacing.

Our team at The Car Store can show drivers how to inspect windshield wipers. We can replace them so you can keep driving through all kinds of weather. Bring your vehicle in for all your auto servicing needs!



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