Winter Tires Explained

Many vehicle owners are aware of all-weather or all-seasonal tires. There are also special tires used on vehicles that have off-road capabilities. However, the selection of tires continues to seasonal types. When needing tire replacements, rely on our garage for assistance and service.

Winter tires are designed for the conditions that often arise during that time of the year and are created for better vehicle handling. When the temperature dips below freezing, the tread on all-season tires becomes stiff and provides less traction. On the other hand, the rubber and compounds used to create winter tires remain flexible, which enables the tire to grip the road with greater force.

The tread on winter tires is deeper and has uniquely designed patterns. The factors are included to have the ability to expel water, slush and snow. The edges of winter tires have more biting edges and higher side densities that also ensure better traction on slippery roads.


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