When to Get an Alignment

Vehicle alignment a service that should be done regularly to reduce tire wear, and wear on front end parts of the vehicle. So what is alignment?

Alignment is the adjustment and specification of the angle of the wheels to meet the manufacturer's specifications. This is most accurately done on a high-tech alignment machine. Your vehicle can be properly aligned by a technician who knows to adjust the camber, caster, and toe of your vehicle.

Camber is the wheel's vertical alignment when perpendicular to the ground. Caster is the steering pivot angle from front to back. Toe is the inward or outward pointing of the vehicle's tires.

When you hit hard bumps and curbs in your vehicle, this is what throws it out of alignment. A badly aligned vehicle will wear the tire tread poorly and can cause excess stress on front end parts. Have your vehicle aligned today at The Car Store.



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