Staying on top of all necessary service becomes important when caring for a car. When taking a vehicle in for an oil change, consider requesting a multi-point inspection. This way, the belts and hoses receive an inspection. Those parts can dry out, crack, and snap when they reach a certain age point. So, you want them examined.

Leaks in coolant houses can lead to overheating. Snapped drive belts means a stalled car. Such situations aren't inconveniences, as disabled vehicle situations can become worse. So, make sure all these parts receive inspections.

The timing belt might not be accessible for an inspection, as significant disassembly becomes required to locate it. With certain engines, a snapped timing belt can total a vehicle due to the resultant engine damage, Changing this belt at the time the owner's manual says is vital.

The service team at The Car Store knows how to handle hose and belt service jobs. Please set up an appointment today.


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