Gaskets are one of the simplest components of an engine, yet they are among the most critical. Gaskets have the tough responsibility of keeping critical interfaces between various engine components sealed and aligned.

Combustion engines must contain massive pressures and high temperatures in a wide variety of conditions and gaskets are vital to keeping everything together. Gaskets are sometimes crudely cut from low-cost materials and in some cases are precisely laser cut from expensive, thermal resistant materials. However, the longevity and effectiveness of any gasket will depend on the care with which it is crafted and installed. Even the most expensive bi-metal carbon reinforced gasket will fail if it is installed hastily without proper surface preparation. This is why it is crucial to trust only certified professionals when seeking repair or replacement of gaskets for your vehicle.

Knowing that your gaskets are installed properly not only provides peace of mind, it also keeps you from returning with the same issue or worse months later. The professionals at The Car Store will make sure your gaskets get the care and attention they need.


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