Whenever auto tires are over- or under-inflated, Twin Falls drivers aren't getting the performance and protection that they need. The best way for local drivers to avoid dangerous blowouts and other problems is by regularly monitoring and maintaining their tires. At The Car Store, we want to help consumers understand why tire pressure matters.

Tire Pressure Plays A Major Role In Determining Fuel Efficiency

When tires are under-inflated, cars have to work a lot harder to both build and maintain speed. That's because under-inflated tires are soft and sagging. This generates additional friction that ultimately causes fuel efficiency to go down. Thus, by decreasing the amount that you spend at the pump, good tire maintenance can actually pay for itself.

Uneven And Increasingly Rapid Wear

Another issue easily fixed by properly inflating your tires is uneven and increasingly wear. A tire that is over-inflated will wear faster than one with correct pressure given that all weight will be borne on a thin, center strip of the tire's surface. To have your tires inspected or replaced by knowledgeable and friendly automotive technicians, come see us at The Car Store today.


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