The crew here at The Car Store are committed to helping drivers stat safer on the roadways. Here are some tips to pack your roadside emergency kit correctly.
  • Pack a small first aid kit that will assist in dealing with small injuries until medical help arrives.
  • Be sure to pack a good quality set of jumper cables so any other vehicle can help you stop a dead battery from leaving you stranded.
  • Put a good quality flashlight and plenty of batteries in your emergency kit.
  • Make sure your vehicle has a working jack and lug wrench, then place some road flares and tire fix-a-flat in the kit as well.
  • A small air compressor that can plug into your vehicle will make all the difference if you just need to get the tire off the rim long enough to limp down to the local service station.
  • The emergency kit should also have essentials like tools and extra fluids.


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