Most people think it's the car's battery that powers their electrics, but that is only true while the car's engine isn't running. As soon as you start your car, that job belongs to the alternator.

Simply speaking, an alternator is your car's generator. When a vehicle's engine is running, it cranks a wheel on the alternator to generate electricity. This is why you can play your radio while your car is running without any problems, but leaving your headlights on while your car is parked will drain your battery. This also means that you will drain your battery if you drive your car with a bad alternator. If you notice a warning light on your dashboard that looks like a battery or says, "GEN or "ALT," it's a sure sign that your alternator is failing and needs to be repaired. If you notice this or if your dashboard indicators are dimmer than usual, don't hesitate to bring your car to The Car Store for repairs.


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