Easily Restore Headlights To Perfection

Is your vehicle a victim to fogged-up headlamps? Don't worry. We're here to give you some helpful tips for restoring your headlights, so you will be able to once again see far ahead of you in the night time. 

First, you need to determine whether your headlamps are oxidized on the outside or if they are letting moisture into the inside (or both).

Headlight Restore Kits

You can purchase a headlight restoration kit from any auto parts store that will help you de-fog the exterior of the headlamp. 

This repair can easily be done with an electric buffer and some paint correction compound(or the kit) to remove light scratches from the paint. 

Headlight Removal May Be Necessary

If there is water on the inside of the headlight housing, you may need to remove it, and search for a crack that is letting water inside. 

You can then use a silicone sealant to seal up the housing after letting the inside dry out.



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