Did you know that it's easy to clean your car fast at home with just a few tools? The key thing is a car wash mitt instead of a sponge. While sponges hold dirty water and cause more dirt to spread around your car, a mitt is made to glide over your car's exterior panels and grab on to dirt. Then, you simply rinse it off in a bucket of clean water or with a garden hose.

In addition, you'll save a lot of time wiping down your car if you pre-rinse your car with a garden hose and spray nozzle. This gets rid of any large clumps of dirt and lots of dust that could clog up your car mitt with dirt at first. After the pre-rinse, you'll apply some car shampoo to your mitt and wipe down your car from top to bottom.

With a final rinse, your car should shine like new, but you can use a wax or clay bar to add even more shine. Need help with detailing in Twin Falls? Stop by The Car Store for amazing service including full deluxe car washes and interior detailing.


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