The treads on the tires should not go below 1.6 millimeters. If your tires are worn down below that, they will not offer you the traction you need on any road. Such tires are also at risk of blowing out and need replacement. You can use a gauge to measure the depth of the treads. This will happen after the sixth year in most cases, but tires can last for up to ten years.

You need to keep an eye on the wear indicator bar common in most new tire brands. If you can see wear indicators, then your tires are already worn down enough and need replacement. Check with your automaker to know how to check wear indicators.

Other signs that you need new tires include cracks and blisters on the sides of the tires and excess vibrations and noises coming from the tires. If not replaced, such tires can lower your gas mileage.


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