Spring time is the relief your car needs from the icy conditions, cold temperatures, sand, and road salt of the winter season. How do you take care of your car to ensure that it is back on track? Let’s delve into some of the basic spring car care tips below:

Change the Filters and Oil

To keep your engine healthy, it is imperative that you change your filters and oil regularly. As oil gets old, it’s effectiveness for lubricating your engine, cooling off the engine, and picking up any impurities reduces significantly. As such, your car may end up consuming more fuel than it is supposed to. It can also result in poor performance of the engine, and, in serious situations, it may damage your engine.

Check the Car Fluids

As you change the oil and filters, also ensure that you check, and possibly change or top up any car fluids that needs it. The fluids include transmission, brake, windshield, power steering, and even the coolant.


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