The start of the school year can be just as tough on your vehicle as it is on you. Whether you're heading out on a long drive to a faraway campus or gearing up for short, in-city jaunts with kids in tow, taking your car in for back-to-school service in Twin Falls is a good idea. At The Car Store, we offer all of the automotive services you need for priming your vehicle for the season.

Get an Oil Change and Fluid Check

Oil change services keep engines running smoothly. When you stop by The Car Store for an oil change, we can perform fluid check and leak check services too. We'll make sure that all of your automotive fluids are topped off and that there are no slow or hidden leaks.

Brakes, Tires, and Wheels

Come see us to make sure that your tires are ready for the demands of the school season. We'll do a tread check and make sure that all of your tires are correctly balanced and pressurized. With our wheel alignment service, you'll get better handling and control, and better fuel economy for all your daily drives.

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